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Ultimate Frisbee

When playing with a frisbee you think of a summer pastime for the beach or park - but the round disc can be used for more than mere tossing to one another.

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport which combines elements of Soccer, Handball, Basketball and American Football. Catching the frisbee-disc in the opponent's end zone is the objective of two teams playing against each other. But to get there you need not only well-aimed throws and safe catches but also tactical and clever movement on the pitch (ultimate involves a lot of running!).

Ultimate Frisbee is an utterly fair game; it is a non-contact sport without a referee - if a rules violation or one of the rare fould occur they're indicated by the players themselves. Therefore “The Spirit of the Game” is rule number one. What that means exactly you can learn from us.

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The following pages give you some insights about our sport, information on the practices and tournaments we both — participate and organize.
If you're curious and want to know what it is that makes Ultimate Frisbee so fascinating: Do not hesitate to visit our practices!
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