Welcome to Paradise V

Welcome to Paradise V — Ultimate in Jena

Another Day in Paradise...

is over and we are, despite exhausted, happy and thankful for all the help and Spirit we have experienced during the weekend. We would like to thank the USV for providing the heavenly green and our guest whithout whom WTP 09 would not have been so wonderful! Thanks to Joachim who certainly had one the most stressful weeks in his life ;). An big applause is also awarded to Katharina who, by taking countless pictures, made WTP 09 unforgettable. You will find the pictures posted in our flickr album. Your team photos are merged into the tournament's ranking below. We will soon post Lost'n Found items.


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Download the complete list of results

  1. Image Baybees, Bayreuth
  2. Image Disc-o-Fever, Würzburg (Beerrace, Spirit Award)
  3. Image Schleudertrauma, Magdeburg
  4. Image Goldfingers, Potsdam
  5. Image Frau Rauscher and the Bembelboys, Frankfurt
  6. Image Woodchicas, Sauerlach
  7. Image Saxy Djs, Leipzig und Berlin
  8. Image Golden Delicious, Paradisco Jena and former players
  9. Image Erlasburg, Erlangen und Regensburg
  10. Image Die feigen Blätter, Paradisco Jena and Weimar
  11. Image Team Niedersachsen
  12. Image Cut'n Move, Kopenhagen (Spirit Award)
  13. Image DisCurs, Berlin (Party winner)
  14. Image Ring of Fire, Dresden
  15. Image Tiefseetaucher, München
  16. Image Seichtwasserschnorcher, München
  17. Image Forest Jump, Ilmenau
  18. Image Wurfkultur, Bamberg
  19. Image Nihilisten, Berlin
  20. Image Germany's next Top Mädels, Nationalmanschaft Juniorinnen U17/U20

General Information



  • Arrival of more teams (map)
  • 7:30/8:00 breakfast
  • 9:30-17:00 preliminary rounds (schedule)
  • 17:15-19:00 intermediate rounds (schedule)
  • 19:30 beerrace
  • 22:00 Party (Kassa, map)


  • 8:00 breakfast
  • 10-14:30 intermediate rounds (schedule)
  • 14:30-15:30 final (schedule)
  • 15:45 victory ceremony

Participating Teams

  • Tiefseetaucher, München
  • Seichtwasserschnorchler, München
  • Schmeißfliegen Erlasburg, Regensburg und Erlangen
  • Schleudertrauma, Magdeburg
  • Goldfingers, Potsdam
  • Frau Rauscher & The Bembelboys
  • Discurs, Berlin
  • Disc-o-Fever, Würzburg
  • Wurfkultur, Bamberg
  • Baybees, Bayreuth
  • Ring of Fire, Dresden
  • Saxy Divers, Leipzig
  • Team Niedersachsen, Niedersachsen
  • Nihilisten, Berlin
  • Woodchicas, Sauerlach
  • Germany's next Topmädels, Deutschland - Juniorinnen Nationalmannschaft
  • Forest Jump, Ilmenau
  • Cut'n'Move, Kopenhagen
  • Jena 1
  • Jena 2 (Golden Delicious)

Hallo Frisbeedeutschland!

Die Jenaer Paradiscos laden mit dieser E-Mail alle spielwütigen Teams zum "Welcome to Paradise V" am 16./17.Mai 2009 nach Jena an.

  • mind. 1 Frau auf der Linie (aber auch gerne gemischter)
  • 50 Euro Team- und 10 Euro Spielergebühr
  • am Freitagabend eine echte Thueringer Willkommensbratwurst mit SENF
  • zweimal Fruehstueck, Bierrace, eine Party am Samstag und die vier schoensten Frisbeerasenplätze auf der ganzen Welt (mindestens!)
  • insgesamt haben wir Platz für 16 bis 20 Teams

Anmelden kann man sich bei Alexander

Jena's Paradiscos invite all teams that are crazy for playing to the 5th "Welcome to Paradise" on May 16 and 17, 2009 in Jena, Germany.

  • at least one women on the line (of course more mixed is welcome, too)
  • 50 EUR team fee, 10 EUR player's fee
  • friday evening: welcoming with real Thuringian Bratwurst with MUSTARD (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bratwurst#Germany)
  • 2x breakfast, beer race, party on Saturday evening, and the four most beautiful frisbee grass fields in the world (at least!)
  • room for 16 to 20 teams in total

For sign-up write a mail to Alexander: Alexander

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